Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro Part III – Focus Tracking & E-M1 Firmware 3.0

If sequels are mostly crass, second sequels are usually doubly so, but Olympus has just made some fairly significant changes to their firmware, which makes it only fair to update my thoughts on focus tracking with the E-M1/40-150mm Pro combination. In brief, with version 3.0 of their firmware, they’ve upped the continuous AF (with focus) rate to a maximum of 9fps from the previous 6.5fps. Whilst that’s a fine and desireable thing, it looks as though it may also have provided some undocumented benefits to focus tracking mode.The gallery here provides a selection from a sequence of images taken at 9fps with focus tracking on, and it seems to have done an admirable job of holding lock on a fast-moving cat in a snowstorm. I do suspect that, had he been white, it would have given up and sulked in a corner. This does seem to represent a noticeable improvement over the 2.0/2.2 firmware with which I first reviewed this lens and is to be commended.In fact, Olympus is to be commended overall for their regular and substantive firmware updates, which not only improve existing functionality but add new features, most of which are actually useful.

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