Hidden Edinburgh I

Edinburgh is – deservedly – one of the world’s most visited and photographed cities. But few people depart from the deep-trodden tourist routes and simply never discover that there are oases of quiet tranquility within metres of the stramash of the city centre. This is the first of a series of galleries illustrating just that – the hidden secrets of the Festival City.

These were taken in and around the twin churchyards of St John’s and St Cuthbert’s, in the corner of Lothian Road and Prince’s Street, right in the heart of the city. One church is Catholic, the other Scottish Episcopal (provisional Church of England). So, despite their proximity to each other, a gentle stroll through their combined grounds is not an option: there’s a damn great wall been built between them, forcing you to detour via the reality of Lothian Road to move physically – if not ecumenically – from one to the other.